About Us

Our Mission:

abusefreedom.com is a group of dedicated professionals committed to delivering behavioral health and substance abuse treatment services at a high level of excellence. To enhance the quality of life for individuals and families suffering from addiction, we employ a hybrid approach that combines the best of 12-step, holistic and alternative methodologies. We believe that all people are valuable and unique, and should be treated with dignity and respect regardless of race, religion, gender or beliefs. We believe that the personal growth of an individual is promoted through a caring course of treatment that is evidence-based, addresses psychological, physical and spiritual health, and is provided in a proficient, appropriate and cost effective manner.


Our Philosophy

abusefreedom.com believes that lasting recovery is possible for every addict. No matter how broken, no matter how many treatment attempts or relapses, there is the potential to recover from the scourge of addiction. By providing the most effective evidence -based and trauma-informed care, we lean heavily into the underlying causes of addiction, including attachment issues and childhood abuse and neglect. We are committed to providing individualized, client-centered care to address the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual dimensions of addiction and to effectuate long-term recovery of the whole person.

We connect you to the #1 rated drug and alcohol rehab centers in the US. Our treatment programs are therapies and recreational activities that interface our clients with the natural wonders of the Big Island. Weekend activities are designed to promote relaxation and reflection and provide clients with an opportunity to process the week’s work. They are also intended to be fun! Clients may opt for a hike, snorkeling, or a trip to see the world’s most active lava flow.

We hold ourselves to the highest standards in everything we do; We dedicate ourselves to serving the best interest of each client; We maintain an objective and professional relationship with each client; We respect the privacy of all personal health information; We respect the rights and views of other behavioral health professionals; We will evaluate our performance on an ongoing basis and strive for continuous improvement in ourselves, as we illuminate the road to recovery for our clients.