Terms of Use

What’s included and what’s not:

All rates are per person, and are all inclusive of accommodation, meals, full program including all counseling and therapy sessions, and weekly recreation outings, with the following limitations:

  • Weekly sessions of massage and yoga at the spa are included.
  • Once weekly recreational outings are part of the program and are included.
  • Guests are responsible for their own transportation costs


The program is for adults over the age of 18 years.

General Health

Guests must be generally healthy, physically and mentally, and fully responsible for your own health and care during your stay. If you are unsure of your suitability to attend the program, please consult your medical and/or mental health practitioner. If detox is required, advise us and consult your physician. Guests are advised to review their medications prior to bringing them as some may not be compatible with addiction recovery.


Guests must be clean and sober upon arrival. The addiction rehab centers are not an acute care treatment or medical facility providing primary initial stage addiction medical treatment. Please let us know if you believe detox is required, and consult your physician.

Use of alcohol or other drugs including nicotine

We connect you to the #1 rated rehab center in your area that suits your needs and recovery options. It is an abstinent based recovery environment supportive of healthy living clean and sober with complete abstinence from use of alcohol, tobacco products, or other mood altering drugs, or behaviors, such as unhealthy eating behaviors (e.g. binge eating, purging) and gambling.


ALL rehab centers in our database are a smoke free environment, supportive of a healthy life of recovery from all forms of mood altering or otherwise addictive drugs including nicotine. Please respect this in support of your own and fellow guests’ recovery and as a condition of your stay at our centers. For those guests participating in smoking cessation, it is recommended to bring a personal supply of topical nicotine patches.

Program compliance and general respect of others

Various sessions, activities and assignments are provided as part of the program at our recovery centers. Participation and respectful behavior toward other guests and staff are expectations. Should there be any question or issue of level of participation or conduct of behavior, this will be addressed by staff. Disrespect for policies, group norms and standards of conduct may result in the guest being asked to leave.

Expectations and House Rules

Our inpatient rehab centers are respectful recovery environment with expectations of healthy sober behavior and house rules. They are designed to keep your recovery experience safe, respectful, and conducive to learning and practicing new behaviors you will experience during your recovery process.  This is in support of you achieving your goal of a new healthy life of abstinence-based recovery.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.