Desteni I Process Pro: Life Skills & Self-Mastery Online Coaching

Life can often feel like an intricate maze filled with complex emotions, baffling experiences, and situations that seem beyond our control or understanding. Many find solace in various forms of spirituality, religion, or the offerings of consumer society, all in the quest to discover their “true self.”

It’s time to pause and take a moment.
Sit back, breathe, and explore the Desteni I Process.

The Desteni I Process (DIP) is a comprehensive life coaching platform, designed to equip you with vital life skills and practical, common-sense tools such as self-forgiveness, writing, and self-corrective application. This platform is the result of extensive research and practice, meticulously crafted, validated by the experiences of hundreds, and made accessible online.

Transform into a person you are proud to be.

1. Unravel Your Inner Patterns and Personalities:
Learn to navigate and understand the patterns and characters that exist within you. Equip yourself with the tools to pinpoint and address the recurring issues causing turmoil in your life, with precision and attention to detail.

2. Dissect and Understand the Problems:
Develop a comprehensive understanding of the challenges you face. Learn to connect the dots, constructing a complete picture of the issues at hand and preparing yourself to overcome them.

3. Eliminate the Unwanted Influences:
Master the techniques to deconstruct and dismantle the personalities and characters made up of thoughts, feelings, and emotions that dominate and influence your being. Reclaim control over your inner world.

4. Design Your Future Self:
With the old, unhelpful patterns out of the way, take the reins in defining your new self. Understand how to consider your entire reality and strategically position yourself for the best possible outcome for both yourself and others.

People enjoy and endorse the DIP.

Utilize your newfound knowledge and skills to navigate and thrive amidst the challenges of everyday life.

Say goodbye to the mundane and irrelevant lessons of the past. Every lesson and exercise in DIP is practical, targeting specific aspects of your life. One session might see you facing your biggest fears, while another could help you craft your ideal intimate relationship.

So, who’s in control now?

With DIP, you will:

– Enhance your effectiveness, precision, and consistency in both work and study.
– Build self-appreciation, confidence, and a strong character.
– Expand your ability to process information and deepen your understanding.
– Eliminate fears and beliefs that are holding you back.
– Cultivate supportive and meaningful relationships.
– Develop introspection and a deeper connection with yourself.
– Overcome addictions.
– Embrace absolute responsibility for who you are.

What does a month in the DIP entail?

– Engage with the lesson materials and complete the given assignments.
– Access support from your personal buddy via email and one-on-one chat sessions.
– Submit your assignments for review and move on to the next lesson once approved.
– Easily track your progress and access course materials through your personal account on the website.
– Apply your new skills and insights to make tangible improvements in your life.

A dedicated personal support buddy will be by your side throughout the course.

Upon enrollment, you will be paired with an experienced individual who has traversed the Desteni I Process journey. This person will guide you through the curriculum, assist with your assignments, and provide support for any life challenges you might be facing.