Kevin Trudeau shares information that will help you manifest your dreams.

Here is the transcript.

So when it comes to mentors, when it comes to people that have walked a path that has got the battle scars to prove it and have fallen down and got up and actually learned from that and are able to share that information.

That’s what I want to bring to the table for you guys today.

The gentleman that I’m going to be handing over to in a moment is an incredible gentleman, and is somebody that I is more than capable of giving advice and many different accolades, the anyone looking to write or publish a book at some point.

Kevin has produced more New York Times number one bestsellers or sold more millions of copies of books been on the number one list of the New York Times bestseller for weeks and weeks and weeks in a row.

Many times, the New York Times called him the master of modern day marketing the Wall Street Journal is called America’s marketing guru.

He’s built billions and billions of dollars of business.

And the reason that I want to bring him in today isn’t to teach you marketing.

It’s because he has some information to share with you that is very much in alignment with a lot of the things that you’re learning through the EMF.

And Kevin was the first person to really expose me to the information that was taught by the secret societies.

And I first came across Kevin early in my journey and personal growth, some close to 30 years ago now, when, if you recall anyone seen my interview with Roger Brooke on American real.

And in part two of that I talked about three key skills that you have for the time it takes to learn for the ROI that it gives you for the rest of your life is an excellent choice of skill to learn.

And one of those was memory training.

And I first came across Kevin when he became one of the most successful trainers and teachers of memory in the history of the game.

Again, that was 30 years ago.

Some of you I know, have also thought, oh, who is Kevin when we put the email out.

And when had a little look online and some of you came back and says, well, hang on a minute, they don’t seem to be some very nice things written about Kevin well I’m sure he’ll address that.

But you can also say the same about me.

Yeah, there’s some not many nice things been written about me by people who are either unqualified to make the comment I is their opinion, or they have an agenda to prevent the things that are being taught from being taught.

And I think you’ll see very clearly and very quickly.

That’s really what was going against Kevin he’s been exceptionally courageous in his passion for wanting to assist people, but coming back to what I said about advice and opinion.

I assess people in terms of the value that they bring based upon the value that I get, who would think that that’s a fair assessment to make.

It doesn’t mean say you have to like them doesn’t mean to say that you need to hang out with them doesn’t mean say you’ve ever met them, but you can actually really assess the benefit of somebody and look at their character based upon the value that they bring and their intention to serve.

And that’s why I chose to bring Kevin on today not only is a mentor to me not only have I learned a huge amount in my journey.

Thanks to this person not only is he demonstrated what I would call a huge amount of courage, but his willingness to want to share that with others is something that I certainly relate to and a big reason why a lot of you were attracted to the work that I teach as well.

So, without further ado, we’re going to go for probably about an hour or so with Kevin, I know he’s got a lot to he wants to share, and please assess Kevin on the value he brings to the table, not on what some third rate reporter wants to try and put online because we can all play that game.

If we want to drop our level of consciousness to that point.

And then we’re going to have some q amp a at the end, and it’s my intention and my hope here that you know this is going to be an amazing, you know, call for all of us so on that note, Kevin, what an absolute pleasure to have you here my friend.

Well Peter is fantastic it’s an honor and a privilege to be here.

Thank you so much for inviting me.

For all the people watching right now, you, you are blessed to have a teacher and a mentor, like Peter, he is a spectacular guy, an intelligent guy, but the experience and his ability to communicate that information to you and help transform people is really unique to none.

So you are all blessed to have Peter as as a mentor, and Peter is a very very dear friend of mine.

He’s been there.

And obviously we both have gone through challenges in our life but you know, there was a saying by Earl Nightingale, some people remember Earl Nightingale with Nightingale Coney Corporation he wrote the strangest secret.

And Earl Nightingale said successful people are not people without problems.

It’s people who’ve learned how to overcome their problems.

And that’s really where it comes down to.

When you listen to people and Peter talked about advice.

You need to be listening to people that have what you want, and have been where you are.

When a person has gone through a rough road and has overcome those things that person has a lot of experience sometimes you call them battle hardened or battle experienced.

They, they have a lot more knowledge than somebody who’s been given that silver spoon, or somebody who has had kind of a smooth, easy road.

They may not know what adversity is or how to overcome it or how to deal with it.

But when you listen and get mentored or coached or advised or counseled by people who have had some rough times and have overcome them.

There’s a lot there that you can grasp and learn.

Years ago, back in the 70s, and I’m a lot older than a lot of people think I’m old.

Back in the 70s I was brought into a secret organization called the Brotherhood, and the Brotherhood work with skull and bones from Yale University, Bohemian Grove Bilderberg group, and the highest level of Freemasonry.

And in those organizations.

This is what is taught behind closed doors.

It’s not so much enlightenment, which you can learn from yoga Nanda, the great guru or different Swami’s moved to Nanda’s line in city yoga or if you follow that type of thing.

There are a lot of gurus out there that I’ve known and I’ve been with and I’ve lived with I’ve been down to the house home and stayed with a very famous gurus a close dear friend of mine and that’s enlightenment that’s spiritual awakening.

But what we’re going to talk about today is manifesting goals, dreams and desires.

This is nothing I invented.

This is something that I was taught.

And when I was taught this, I applied this in real life.

And the results were spectacular.

When I saw within my organization, it was taught to others and they applied it, they got spectacular results.

And in my career, there were people that came into my world and the various companies I had around the world whether it was the golf channel that I launched in the UK, or shop America which was shopping channel we launched in the UK and a couple of the TV networks around the world, or some of the other businesses around the world that collectively about $25 billion in sales in today’s in today’s market.

Some of the people that came into my inner circle, I selectively taught them some of these principles.

They applied them and over 100 people became multi millionaires.

And these are people that one guy was a UPS truck driver, when he came to me, no education didn’t come from the right side of the tracks.

Another guy was worked at a travel agency, he had just got married he lived in a studio apartment with his wife, you know, one room, because he had no money.

And he’s a multi multi multi millionaire today, and on and on and on the principles work when you apply them.

The question you may ask is, Kevin, are you going to be sharing with me anything different than what’s taught in Napoleon Hill’s book think and grow rich, or in all of the success books that are out there or taught by all of the success gurus or things that we’re learning with Peter.

Look, there’s a lot of people out there that have good communication skills that know about this material.

But there are very few who know this material.

And there’s a difference.

The way I look at it is completely different.

I was interviewed by a Chinese newspaper and she was the reporter was asking me about China, what do I think about China.

And I said I’ve never been to China.

She goes, but what do you think about China.

And the politics.

I don’t know I don’t have an opinion.

I’ve never been there.

I would just be sharing you some off the cuff opinion about something I know little about, but clearly something I don’t know.

And I’m going to share with you a recipe, and you can write these down I think there’s some very powerful notes here.

Some, some of you may think well this, this sounds similar, but it’s really not now it’s a recipe for manifesting goals dreams and desire is it the only recipe.

You know in America we have chili cook offs I don’t know if any one of you have eaten chili before.

I know people like chili but in America it’s a kind of a big thing we have these chili cook offs, and you know 10 or 20 chili expert cooks will come in, cook their best chili and then we’ll see which one has the best chili.

Well chili is chili I mean it’s got like a tomato base it’s got some ground beef in there sometimes they put beans in there.

There’s only so many different spices and things.

However, everyone’s chili recipe is different.

Some people use beans some people don’t use beans some people use onion some people don’t use it.

Some people use ground beef some people brown the beef first before they put it into the tomato base, other people just put the raw beef in the tomato base, there’s all these different methods of cooking it different ingredients and different ratios to one ingredient to the other.

And invariably, all the chilies are good.

There’s no bad chili there.

But one of them, maybe wins the prize.

I’m going to share with you something that I know works it’s worked not only for me it was taught to me in the brotherhood.

It’s worked for people, everybody that I’ve talked to that.

I remember I was in this guy’s house he had a $35 million mansion in Palm Beach.

He had all the, you know the servants there, full full full crew of servants the butler the maid the chef, the bodyguard you know the gardeners all full time.

Super wealthy guy Wall Street guy.

And I was asking him, does he use these principles and as I outlined him he looked at me and looked at me and looked at me and he said, I’ve never really thought about it.

But now that you mentioned them, that’s exactly what I do.

So sometimes very successful people in eight Lee know that these principles are what is required they have this innate automatic sense that this is what will work.

I’m going to give you some things.

And if you apply them.

I do know that you will see results.

If you want to achieve goals dreams and desires.

There’s one thing that is missing virtually from every book that I’ve read him you read, and there’s a lot of great books, by the way, there’s a lot of great courses out there there’s a lot of gates great speakers and teachers on success.

But there’s one thing that I’ve never seen this is the first thing I was taught in a brotherhood.

They said, Kevin.

If you want to change and improve something in your life, if you want to get something if you want to get an improve your income if you want a new car if you want better better status if you want to improve your health.

If you want to change the shape of your body.

If you want to get over the fear of public speaking if you want a relationship a passionate relationship.

If you want even enlightenment and basically to have a sense of inner peace and joy, regardless of external conditions.

The first thing you have to do is hate the situation you’re in right now.

You have to experience pain.

This is never talked about.

You have to look at what you have and start despising it.

It’s something I can’t live with any more.

This negative energy is what condenses negative energy condenses positive energy expands, you need to have condensed energy energy first, so that you can release that power and manifest things that condensing of energy.

People very rarely do.

Think about this, even in the movie Star Wars some of your your Star Wars, the evil Empire Emperor talks to Darth Vader and he says, your anger makes you focus.

And it’s true, because anger is is contracted energy.

You know, I remember I was in.

I was in the South in America.

And I remember I was sitting out there and we were both in rocking chairs drinking some iced tea.

It was a hot summer day and this hound dog is lying on the, on the porch.

And every once in a while the hound dog would kind of gently raise his head, and he would whine, you go.

And put his head back.

And we’re sitting there talking and a few minutes later, the dog we go.

Put his head back.

Few minutes later he go.

Put his head down.

I said to my friend ago what’s wrong with your dog.

And he goes, Oh, he’s sleeping on a nail.

And I said, Well, why won’t he move.

And he said, Well, it doesn’t hurt him that bad.

And I said, Well, I don’t know what you’re talking about.

And he said, Well, I don’t know what you’re talking about.

But they were brilliant.

And one of them talked about this exact fact.

They said, The whole world will either get out of the way or come to the aid of the person who is determined to get someplace and knows exactly where they’re going.

That comes from making a decision.

Success is a decision away.

When I first heard that I thought that’s too simplistic.

But then when I understand the energetics behind it, how it works in the universe, how it works in the field, how it changes your vibrational frequency, and how it changes the whole universe to work actually to conspire on your behalf to help you manifest what you want.

Now I understood the power of making that decision.

And that can only come from experience pain.

So that’s number one.

Number two, you need to then from the point of not liking the house not liking the car looking at yourself in the mirror in your underwear or naked and getting disgusted.

I remember, there’s the ex Secretary of State in the United States, Mike Pompeo.

He blew up like a balloon.

When he was Secretary of State and became very very obese.

And I saw him on TV, and he was thin and in phenomenal shape.

I almost didn’t recognize.

But I thought, who’s this good looking guy.

And I go, that’s not Mike Mike Pompeo, and it was, I called him I said hey, can’t believe how good you look.

He goes, Thanks.

I go, what happened.

And he goes, I looked in the mirror when I was naked I came out of the shower.

And I realized how disgusting.

I looked.

And how disgusting I felt.

And I just got so disgusted.

I just stood there for five full minutes, feeling disgust.

And he goes, that was it.

That’s all I needed.

You can understand, see it’s all he needed he needed to contract that energy and then he goes, I’m going to look like I did when I was in West Point.

He goes Kevin then that day not the next day that day, I started exercising and change my diet.

That day, I was determined.

I was going to change this can stand that you have to get that discussed.

But that drives you when you when you’re disgusted with how you look or your car or your income or the fact that your bills aren’t paid or you can’t do the things you want.

You can’t, you know, pay for education for your kids or you can’t get the things you want you can’t travel the way you want you can’t go where you want, can’t live the lifestyle you want, whatever it is.

That’s when you can then clearly define what you want.

As Napoleon Hill says define your dream.

Because he actually lays this out in the phrase define your dream and get a burning desire for its achievement.

That’s fine.

I’m just changing the order here so it’s clear.

The way you get the burn the burning desire is by the pain that gives you the burning desire to get something because you’re really burning desire to change something so it’s this beautiful balance between.

I want to eliminate this and get this and replace it with this.

It’s a balance, but it only comes not from wanting it comes from the pain.

So define from the pain.

You don’t like the car you’re tired of it.

Define exactly what you want specifically what you want and expand that dream.

Create what you can call an ideal scene.

What’s the ideal scene for your life.

Is it, is it, what’s the ideal scene for your relationship.

What’s the ideal scene for your health and the way your body looks and feels.

What’s the ideal scene for your Enlightenment state your joy your love your bliss inner bliss.

I mean, you want to be in a state of high consciousness and awareness, so that regardless of what people say to you, regardless of what people write about you, regardless of what people do to you, regardless of your circumstances and conditions in life.

You still are experiencing within you this everlasting joy, bliss, and peace that surpasses all human understanding, because you know who you are.

Isn’t that, I mean maybe that’s not important to some of you.

Someone says, let me make a lot of money first and I’ll worry about being banned.

Trust me Kevin money will make me happy.

Okay, well, it won’t but make a lot of money and then, then you’ll figure out that that doesn’t give it to you and then maybe you’ll go down a different road and do them parallel, there’s nothing wrong with having financial success.

It’s not going to give you really what you’re seeking.

Hey, there’s a lot of successful people out there.

I remember Robin Williams.

What a talented guy, actor, comedian, beautiful, beautiful person, giving generous so depressed so miserable his whole life.

He had it all.

Everyone loved him.

Everyone loved him around the world, had a wonderful family that loved them, friends love them, the public love them.

No controversy.

Depressed, miserable, kills himself.


Because all those things aren’t going to give you that something that’s missing that magic.

But that step to define your dream, expand your dream.

What is your ideal scene?

So create exactly what you want.

If you want a new car, what kind of car, what color?

How much does it cost?

Have you done some dream building?

I mean, think about exactly what you want.

That’s step two.

Step three is a magical step.

You have to write it down.

Write down what you want.

Why is that so important?

I mean, people fool through this all the time.

If you look at energy, first part of energy is a wave.

An electron is a wave.

When it’s observed, it becomes a particle.

This is how energy works.

When you have a thought about what you want, first, it becomes a wave.

When you really focus on it and think specifically about what you want, it becomes a particle in the universe or in your field.

So I can look at somebody, for example, I do this on one on ones all the time, and they’ll get on the phone.

Then I’ll say, ah, red Porsche.

And they’ll go, how did you know that?

I go, it’s right in your field.

I can see it.

It’s like clear as a bell.

You’re really focusing on it.

So they converted the wave into a particle.

So it becomes real mass in the field.

But in order to convert it into the physical universe, you have to take a piece of paper and you have to write it down.

So you have to write down specifically what you want.

Somebody said, well, can I just type it into my computer?

Yeah, you can.

It’s better if you write it down because there’s more mass.

You’re adding it into the physical universe at just a higher level.

You can then transfer it into the computer.

And there’s nothing wrong with typing in the computer.

It’s a little better if you write it down and get into the habit of doing that.

Writing something down changes everything.

It was Zig Ziglar.

Some people don’t know who he is.

He was a very good friend of mine.

We traveled around the world together with Brian Tracy.

Another good friend, Charlie Tremendous Jones and Foreman.

These are all good friends of mine.

Brian Tracy is still alive.

I was just talking to him the other day.

Wayne Dyer, all these guys all say the same thing.

The must, the must, the must, the must write down specifically what you want.

I was just talking to a guy the other day.

We’re doing a one on one session.

And he said, you know, I learned this from you years ago, Kevin.

And when I did, I got so excited.

I grabbed a piece of paper and I wrote down about 20 things that I wanted to accomplish.

And I put that piece of paper away and I moved.

He goes, six months ago, I was going through all my old boxes.

And I found that piece of paper that I wrote about four years ago.

He says, Kevin, can you believe that everything on that list had manifested in my life?

But the most important thing is I forgot about them.

Once I thought about them and wrote them down, it was like, I didn’t pursue it.

I wasn’t interested.

I stopped thinking about it.

It no longer became a dream, but it manifested anyway.

This is powerful.

There is power in writing something down.

Step four, there’s a concept called dream building.

And I learned this again in my organization.

And it was also taught by a guy named Dexter Yeager, who’s a good friend of mine in the Amway business.

He had the largest downline in the Amway organization worldwide.

He was called the master dream builder.

But I learned this in the Brotherhood as a very powerful, specific technique.

This also intensifies the energy toward what you want.

So it magnetizes and comes into your life.

That it virtually is attracted into your life or created into your life.

Dream building is where, let’s say you want a car.

Okay, you write down the car.

Go to the car dealership.

Look at that car.

Touch that car.

Because when you physically touch something in the physical universe, things change.

Sit in the car.

Smell the car.

Look at the price of the car.

Study the car.

But it’s touching and feeling.

If you want a Rolex watch, go touch and feel the Rolex watch.

Put it on.

Have somebody take a picture with you having the Rolex watch on.

This little trick, it’s not really a trick because it’s all energy.

It’s really a mathematical formula.

And it will start attracting that into your life much faster.

If you want a nice home, go look at nice homes.

In other words, this is your exercise called dream building.

If what you want, you want a plane, go look at planes.

Go look at them.

Okay, well, I can’t go sit in a plane.

Maybe you can.

Find it out.

Figure it out.

Put some research.

Put some time.

Put some time into it.

And then you can go out and look at it.

And you can go out and touch it.

You can go out and smell it.

Use all your senses with the items that you want.

Somebody said, what if I don’t want an item?

What if I want just a better relationship?

How do I picture that?


You can’t touch and feel it.

But maybe you can go out into the park and look at lovers that are holding hands.

And imagine what kind of relationship they have.

Maybe they’re looking at each other.

In love.

And you want to be in that type of relationship.

And then you can go out and look at the world.

And you can go out and smell it.

And you can go out and feel it.

And this is where almost everybody screws up.

If you feel like you want and need something, if you feel like you lack something now, and your emotional state will change once you get what you want, you will never attain it.

Because if you’re feeling lack or wanting or needing or have to have, nothing will happen.

So the secret sauce here is after you picture yourself in possession of what you want and feel now as if you were already in possession of it, you’re in that state, I’m actually in possession of the Porsche, I’m driving the Porsche and I feel great, man.

I can’t, this is such a great feeling because look at all my friends.

Oh, I feel great.

You know, I feel on top of the world.


Look at them.

I know what they’re thinking.

I know what they’re talking about me and me.

I’m doing it.

Success is the best revenge.

Here’s the magic.

Then you have to release.

And let go of any attachment to actually having it.

You actually have to then say, but it’s totally okay if I never get that Porsche.

And when you release the attachment to having to have it, When you say, but it’s totally okay.

If I never get it, Maintain the same feeling.

So you release the Porsche.

I no longer have the Porsche, but feel exactly the same way.

This is the magic.

Because now you don’t care if you get it or not.

Because you’re who cares if you get it, you’re already feeling the same way as if you did get it.

And since getting it, really, I want to get it because I want to feel that way.

But wait a minute.

I’m already feeling that way.


I still want it.

I mean, I’d like to get it.

It’d be nice to have, but I don’t have to get it.

Because I’m already feeling as if I had it, even though I don’t.

So I really don’t care if I get it.

When that happens.

The magical thing occurs in your life.

You’re the one who says.

When I least expected it.

That’s when it happened.

We’ve all said that when I least expect it.

Because you, you, you released.

You surrendered.

You let go.

The need of actually having it.

So you weren’t even expecting it anymore.

That’s when it comes.

That’s the power, the release.

Next number seven.

You had your dreams, your goals.

You had your dreams.

Your goal, your, your big picture item of what you want.

But realistically that ideal scene for your life could happen.

Five years from now.

Two years from now, long time.

It’s a dream.


Doing these steps.


What Gordon Ramsey told me.

He said.

You have to have a dream.

But you can’t live in a dream world.

In other words, you can’t be delusional.

So you have these big dreams.

You feel now as if you’re already in possession of them.

You release the attachment.

To them.

But you’re going to be in a dream world.

You have to do the next step.

And that next step.

Is you break down that dream into a singular chief aim.

A chief aim is something that, you know, You can.


In six months to one year.

Not a dream, not a wish.

But it’s something you can.

Achieve in six months to a year.

This is where.

A lot of people miss Napoleon Hills.


Napoleon Hill is famous for saying.

Whatever the mind of man can conceive and bring itself to believe it can achieve.

But they forget the comma.

There’s a comma there and it says within reason.

He says within reason.

I remember Zig Ziglar.

Was, you know, given a motivational speech, you know, he was talking about the idea of the dream.

And he said, you know, You can do anything where, you know, real rah, rah, real enthusiastic.

You’re a winner.

You know, whatever you can dream, you can achieve.

The reporter grabbed this after, after the.

After the presentation, we’re sharing the stage that day.

And the reporter says, Hey.

You know, you’re a pretty positive motivated guy, Mr.



So do you think you can attain.

Anything and do anything with a positive attitude.

And he said, no, I can’t do anything.

And I said, well, actually you can’t do anything with a positive attitude.

But you can do everything.

Better than with a negative attitude.

And I laughed and then.

And that made really sense.

Can’t do anything, but you can do everything better.

So your goal has to be reasonable.

And you have to be realistic.

Because you have to be realistic.

Because your vision, your dream.

Can be so big.

It may take three lifetimes to accomplish.

So your dream can be unreasonable and the bigger dream, the better.

But then you have to now get realistic.

If you really want to make things happen.

Cause you have to come out of the dream world.

Out of delusion out of fantasy land.

Hey, welcome to fantasy.

I see people all the time.

I’m going to do this and this and this.

And I go, welcome to fantasy Island.

And I’m like, what are you doing?

And they’re like, I’m just a delusional person.

And they’re like, what are you?

I go, you’re delusional.

Smack, smack, smack.

And I’m doing this because I love them.

Not because I’m being mean to them.

I don’t like being mean.

I’m doing them because I want to snap them out of their stupid state.

And get them.

So they can actually manifest stuff.

Cause they’ve been saying this for 10 years and they haven’t moved in their income.

Nothing’s changed in their life.

It ain’t working.

And I’m like, well, I’m going to do this and this and this and this and this and this and this.

And I’m like, well, I’m going to do this and this and this and this and this and this.

And I’m like, well, I’m going to do this and this and this and this and this.

And I said, wait a minute.

Are you telling me that if I told you we can do 200 million and I came in at 190 million.

That’s not good.

But if I told you I could do 110 million.

And came in at 115 million.

That’s better.

And he goes, yes.

I go, no, it’s not.

190 million is more than 115 million.

And he goes, it’s not the number.

It’s beating your estimate.

That creates a win.

Once you get a win, you get momentum.


Or a win builds confidence.

And then confidence creates activity.

Proper activity creates winning or success habits.

Success habits creates results.

Results creates.


So success creates.

More success.

And then confidence creates.


So success.


It’s a momentum cycle.

So when you set a chief aim, you have to set a chief aim that you know.

You can hit.

And you know, you can do it sooner than the time limit.

You put it on.

So the chief aim has to be specific with a time limit.

But it’s gotta be set up so that, you know, you can win.

Listen, this is a game.

And you write, you’re writing the rules.

So that you always win.

Because that’s create success.

It creates confidence.

Creates momentum.

We see it in sports all the time.

Teams not doing well.

And then they say, all they’re trying to do is get some little victories here.

So they can build some confidence up.

You need victories.

You need wins.

You need to set a goal and.

Not only achieve it, but surpass it.

And surpass it sooner than the time, the date that you put.

The time that you put in.

So you’re setting a goal.

You’re setting a goal.

And you’re setting a time.

This creates momentum.


Very powerful.

So break down your goal.

Your, your dream into a chief aim, something that you can.

Easily hit within six months to a year that you know, you can.

Then you break down that.

Into an objective.

And look, let’s look at military.

Military is a good example of this.

The dream is to win the war.

Let’s say in the second world war.

We’re going to win the war.

Okay, good.

What’s our chief aim.

Chief aim is to.

Land on the beaches of Normandy.

And get up and get a foothold.

So we have a chief aim.

What’s our objective after that.

Our objective is going to be, let’s get to con.

Let’s get Montgomery to get the con.

D-day plus five.

And then we’re going to get to the beach.

So, so the first thing is to take a nutritional supplement, mix it up.

Don’t take the same thing every day.

You get some nutrients in your body to handle some of the nutritional deficiencies.

The second thing is toxins that are in your body.

We have toxins in our body from the chemicals in the food we eat.

Air we breathe water.

All any type of.


Drug, whether it’s an over-the-counter or prescription drug.

These are all toxins.

We have toxins.

And toxins are created by negative thinking.

And so we have to take a nutritional supplement.

And we have to take a nutritional supplement.

I’m going to go to the next question.

Take care.

Thank you.